Funny Cartoons – How to Draw How to Draw Them

Learning how to draw funny cartoons can be a fun hobby. If you really enjoy it, and are good at it, you could even get paid for your creativity. But before you even pick up the pencil to begin drawing, you need to think about your character, or characters.

First, you need to determine what you want to express through your character, and the message that you want them to convey. You need to create a life history, or a biography of your character, or characters, as you will usually have more than one character in each caption. This will make it easier to draw them with the right attributes and qualities. It will also make it easier to draw them in new, future situations, should they be a continuing, or main character. 4anime

Next, you need to decide on their physical characteristics: are they, fat or thin, attractive or weird looking, short or tall, young or old, male, female, an animal, or some other creature. Then you need to decide on their personality traits: are they, dramatic, serious, happy-go-lucky, sad, suave, or stupid. Next is their social life, and how they interact with others: are they, grumpy, loving, optimistic, pessimistic, friendly, or rude. If you find yourself blocked, just look at the people around you on the street, and in the store. Notice what makes the cashier unique, or your dentist, or neighbor. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Finally, you are ready to draw. You should begin with the head and the eyes. The eyes are what helps to instantly give the character life and personality, and can instantly create a mood, telling you what the character is thinking and feeling. You then draw the body, and fill in the background.

Creating a cartoon involves more than just sketching and drawing. You also need funny lines, situations, and stories to accompany the cartoon. To write the jokes for the comic, you can choose a basic formula like: exaggeration, do a play on words, puns, funny signs, misunderstandings, reverse a common situation, like a dog chasing a cat, you can reverse it to the cat chasing the dog, surprise, anticipation, cliches, talking animals or objects, reactions, or stupidity. You can also overlap these formulas, and put two or even more of them in one cartoon.


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