Powerful But Safe Mobile Phones With High Performance Features


An Innovative New Phone – The Realme GT is a sleek and slim device that looks much like a mini-laptop. The smartphone offers a stunning dual screen that is available in either 16 or QHD+HD, which offers the best quality of viewing. The feature-rich design and high-end features make this phone the most sought after smart phone in the Indian subcontinent. Read on to learn more.

Android Authority – The Realme GT master edition comes with a powerful chipset and an extended memory of 8GB+. This is further enhanced by the Adreno series of processors that is present on the smartphone along with a vast 3GB RAM. The Android Authority application is preloaded in the phone along with plenty of other useful applications. This gives the user a great browsing and email experience. The user can also download several high resolution ringtones from the real gt master edition which further enhances the connectivity options.

Adreno Hybrid – The Realme GT master edition comes with the Adreno hybrid version which has been upgraded to introduce some new features. The upgraded hybrid version of Adreno series comes with first generation 16.4 mega-pixel camera with laser auto focus and image stabilization. It is loaded with many features that include image processing tools, video recorder, games, Bluetooth to name a few. The pricing of this phone is around $400 in India and it comes in two different colors namely black and white.

Colors – The realme gt master edition comes in four colors namely Black, Silver, Gold, and Grey. The colors along with the different features offered by the smartphone have differentiated it from its predecessors. The silver color offers a unique combination of form and function and the prices are quite pocket friendly. The gold color offers the best balance between form and function along with the usual textured back and soft-touch display features. realme gt master edition

Battery – The realme gt master edition features a large battery with over twenty hours of talk time. The phone has a fast charging system which promises over ten hours of talk time on one single charge. The battery life is one of the major factors that has differentiated this phone from the others in the market. The large battery has been responsible for giving the users an extended battery life.

Fast charging – thanks to the quick and efficient charging system, the phone has you can get over two hundred hours of talk time on one charge. The power-hungry realme gt master edition features a powerful enough processor that allows you to enjoy your multimedia features without any break down. Users have also reported that the phone runs smoothly without frequent reboots. Users also claim that the phone comes with a large memory that further enables users to store large multimedia files and watch videos without any problem.

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